Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz Win Rs 5000

Amazon par Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz with answers में आसान से सवालों का जवाब दीजिये और पाईये मौका 5000 रुपये जीतने का। 10 लकी विजेता जीत सकते है 5000 रुपये।

Amazon Great Indian Festival Quiz Win Rs 5000, 1 October Quiz Answer and win 5000

1 Question. You can also avail EMI on Debit cards while shopping on during the Great Indian Festival.

Answer. True

2 Question. Currently, on loading Rs 3,000 or more into your Amazon Pay balance, you get ______. Fill in the blanks.

2 Answer. Flat Rs. 300 back

3 Question. Which bank’s credit or debit card is eligible for instant discount on shopping during the Great Indian Festival Sale on

3 Answer. SBI BANK

4 Question. Prime members get early access to Great Indian Festival deals?

4 Answer. True

5 Question. When is Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale 2018 going live for all customers?

5 Answer. 10nth October

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